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    Correct installation and maintenance of hydraulic motor

    2015/9/4      view:
    Correct installation and maintenance of hydraulic motor

    Hydraulic motor drive is an ideal choice for many different systems operating on the same motor and pump system with the same motor. The basic premise and operation of all hydraulic systems are the same. Axial piston type hydraulic motor is one of the more common hydraulic components.

    As shown in Figure 5-1 is an axial piston type hydraulic motor structure diagram:

    L a front cover; 2, 10 a rolling bearing; 3 a crank shaft; 4 a shell (cylinder); 5 a connecting rod; 6 a plunger; 7 a cylinder head; 8 with a cross shaped coupling; 9 a collector; 11 a needle bearing; 12 valve shaft (valve rotary valve)

    Hydraulic motor installation considerations:

    1, the transmission shaft of the hydraulic motor and other mechanical connections to ensure that the concentric, or the use of flexible connection.

    2, the ability of the hydraulic motor bearing radial force, for the motor can not bear radial force, not the belt wheel and other gear directly mounted on the spindle.

    3, the hydraulic motor leakage pipe to be smooth, generally do not take back pressure, when the leakage pipe is too long or due to a need and then back pressure, its size shall not exceed the value of the low pressure seal.

    4, hydraulic motors connected oil leakage should be to ensure the motor shell filled with oil to prevent downtime when the housing all the oil flows back to the tank.

    For a long time of the motor, can not be directly loaded with the operation, should be transferred to a period of time after the transfer of normal use.

    Hydraulic motor maintenance key points

    1) check the oil quantity of the fuel tank. If the leak was not found or is not repaired. Then the system will soon lose enough hydraulic oil, the vortex generated at the entrance of the pump. So that the air can be inhaled. Resulting in destructive effect.

    2) speed and pressure can not exceed the specified value.

    3) the back oil port of the low speed motor usually should have enough back pressure, so the inner curve motor should be more so, otherwise the roller may be out of the curved surface and produce the impact. General back pressure value of about 0.3 ~ 1.0MPa, the higher the speed, the higher the back pressure.

    4) avoid sudden start or stop the brake can cause a pressure spike when the system has a load. The pressure relief valve can not react so quickly to protect the motor from damage.

    5) use of lubricating oil has a good safety performance of lubricating oil, the number to be applicable to specific systems.

    6) as far as possible, the hydraulic oil is kept clean. Most of the hydraulic motor failures are hidden behind the decline in the quality of hydraulic oil.